We are a dedicated support and promotion site for all Scottish Solicitors, Lawyers, Locums, Trainees, Para-legals and Legal Advisers. 

Assistance with Claims, 

Complaints, and SLCC

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When you have a problem with your practice or any aspect of your legal business and when you need support to help you to overcome those difficulties, then we can help you with expert advice and guidance. In particular, we can provide business solutions and professional practice guidance to help you to resolve matters.

Scots Legal Limited is a limited company registered in Scotland - No. SC550405. It is not a firm of Solicitors offering legal services to the public. The organisation has been set up by Mark Shepherd, Legal Adviser, to support, service, assist and promote Scottish Solicitors, Lawyers, Locums, Legal Advisers and others.

We can also assist with Claims, Complaints and other Concerns.

Business Solutions, Practice Models, and Locum service

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